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Friday, May 26, 2006

Down to the change in your couch?

The 50 cent theme this week is “Music, Sweet Music”.

Musicals, music videos, documentaries on musicians, anything that focuses on “music” that is not a new release will apply [50 cents for three days, due by 8pm, limit two please].

Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
A hothouse full of laughs starring Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, and Vincent Gardenia. With special appearances by James Belushi, John Candy, Christopher Guest and Bill Murray will bring a smile well worth 50 cents. Based on the Roger Corman cult classic, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS slams together twisted humor, a singing plant, a sadistic dentist, and sweet and oblivious love between two skid-row denizens into a rollicking musical well worth watching again and again. Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene portray perfectly clumsy Seymour and bubbly but easily dominated Audrey as they search for a way off skid row. A strange and unusual plant Seymour found after an eclipse might be their ticket out, but the plant Seymour calls Audrey II also desires a strange and unusual food: blood. Audrey’s abusive boyfriend, Orin, a dentist who enjoys inflicting pain (played to the hilt by Steve Martin), is the first to go, but who will be next? And will Audrey It's hunger ever end?

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954)
In the Oregon Territory, mountain man Adam Pontipee (Howard Keel, acting and singing with gusto) comes to town to sell his crops and woo a woman to be his wife, succeeding with spirited Milly (Jane Powell), who is tired of feeding and waiting on so many men at the local inn. Her dreams of keeping house for just one man are shattered when she discovers that Adam shares his pigsty cabin with six brawling brothers. Milly’s good cooking and stubborn nature whip the young men into shape and inspire them to seek women of their own. But after a disastrous barn raising during which the brothers snare the attention of the town girls only to be taunted into fighting with the town men, Adam suggests his brothers forget gentle methods of love and follow the actions of the Roman with the Sabine ("Sobbin'") women. The kidnapping of their six sweethearts spurs Milly to throw the men out of the house, but enforced proximity caused by winter and the brothers’ good intentions just might help love bloom again.
[It hit a 79 on the tomatometer so at least you know that someone liked it]

Thelonious Monk Straight No Chaser (1989)
A great documentary including extensive footage modern jazz pianist/composer Thelonious Monk, including off stage footage is a must see for any jazz fan. Much of the film is centered around the six months of footage cinematographer Christian Blackwood shot of Monk in 1967-68. The footage reveals a lot about Monk's personality, including his dramatic mood swings, his eccentric behavior, as well as his sense of humor. The footage also shows Monk "behind the scenes" in the studio and on tour in Europe. Interviews, photos and many of Monk's songs round out this biography.

The Essential Clash (2003)
This collection gathers together all the promotional videos from The Clash, as well as interview footage and rare archival material. A short film (HELL W10) directed by the late Joe Strummer is also included; Filmed in 1983 this silent flick has been lost for almost 20 years, and is only included here due to it turning up at a flea market! Meanwhile, see why The Clash were one of the most influential bands to come out of the English punk rock movement, with videos that include "White Riot," "Rock The Casbah," "London Calling," and many more..

Rigoletto (2005)
Giuseppe Verdi’s masterpiece Rigoletto is brilliantly brought to life in this unique production of the beloved opera, performed under the stars of Siena, Italy, by Roberto Servile, Inva Mula, Marcelo Alverez, and the Toscanini Foundation Orchestra.

So feel free to watch one or our picks or look around and find something that fits the theme. Remember, it’s only 50 cents so don’t be afraid to take chances. After all, that’s what makes life interesting.


It’s Memorial Day Weekend again and we all want to go out and play so we will be open regular hours Friday [5-26-06] and Saturday [5-27-06] but will be closed Sunday [5-28-06] and Monday [5-29-06]. We will reopen on Tuesday [5-30-06]. All movies rented on Friday and Saturday will be due on Tuesday.


" Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."
Frank Zappa, quoted in Linda Botts, "Loose Talk" (1980)
US musician, singer, & songwriter (1940 - 1993)

Crystal Video is located at 614 s Higgins ave. in Missoula Mt. 59801
We are open from Noon to 11 pm 7 days a week and will do our best to find the film you are looking for.
New Releases : $3.00 for one day, Regular Titles: $2.00 due three days later. ALL MOVIES (VHS & DVD) ARE DUE BACK BY 8:00pm. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions (406) 543-FILM (3456).
Late fees apply to all movies (VHS & DVD) returned late. New Releases:$2.00 per day, all Regular Titles:75 cents per day regardless of original rental price.
We'll see you at Crystal Video.


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