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Friday, August 17, 2007


A group of middle aged friends decide
to rev up their routine suburban lives with a freewheeling motorcycle
trip. Taking a long dreamed of breather from their stressful jobs and
family responsibilities, they can't wait to feel the freedom of the
open road. When this mismatched foursome who have grown far more used
to the couch than the saddle set out for this once in a lifetime
experience, they encounter a world that holds far more than they ever
bargained for. The trip begins to challenge their wits and their
luck, especially during a chance run in with the Del Fuegos, a real
life biker gang who are less than amused with their novice approach.
As they go looking for adventure, they soon find that they've
embarked on a journey they will never forget.

Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual
content, and some violence.

Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie
Film for Theaters is an action adventure epic that tackles the
mysterious circumstances that brought Meatwad, Frylock and Master
Shake together. An immortal piece of exercise equipment threatens the
balance of galactic peace, and it is up to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force
to run away from it. Complicating matters, the Plutonians team up
with the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past for ultimate control of
the deadly device. Spanning the globe, outer space and even time
itself, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters was
written and produced by Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis. It is based
on their successful Adult Swim series. Reprising their roles in the
movie will be Willis (voice of Carl, Meatwad and Ignignokt) and
Maiellaro (Err, Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past), Dana Snyder
(Master Shake), Carey Means (Frylock), Andy Merrill and Mike Schatz
(The Plutonians). Guest stars including Larry Blackmon and T Man of
platinum selling funk band Cameo, Neil Peart of power trio Rush and
Bruce Campbell.

Fracture --

Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling star
in the dramatic thriller Fracture. When a meticulous structural
engineer is found innocent of the attempted murder of his wife, the
young district attorney who is prosecuting him becomes a crusader for
justice. Fracture is packed with twists and turns that weave in and
out of the courtroom as the pair try to outwit each other.

Rated R for language and some violent

Vacancy --

A married couple on the brink of
divorce is forced to stay at a roadside motel when their car breaks
down. Inside their room, the couple finds a stack of snuff films
which were filmed in the very room they’re staying in. They quickly
discover that their room is rigged with cameras, and if they don’t
escape, they’ll end up the next victims on tape.

Rated R for brutal violence and
terror, brief nudity and language.

SNL Sherri Oterri

Northern Exposure Season 2

The Soup

Aldolpho Rollo, a struggling
screenwriter-filmmaker longing for international success, lives in a
run-down building where he can barely make his rent. When his
landlords menace him with foreboding promises to do him bodily harm,
they frighten the jejune artist into taking charge of his financial
situation. With no monetary recourse, Aldolpho has to stop nursing
his 500-page screeplay and actually try selling it. Much to his
surprise, Joe, a seemingly wealthy eccentric older gentleman, offers
Aldolpho $1,000 cash for the work. Joe quickly becomes Aldolpho's
benevolent guardian, instilling him with confidence, helping him woo
dreamgirl Angelica, and nurturing his artistic goals. But the
would-be artist and his benefactor soon clash over the content of the
film, and it takes a tragedy before Aldolpho can begin to understand
Joe's point-of-view and create the work he's dreamed of.

Rated R

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