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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Music and Lyrics

Alex Fletcher is a washed up 80s pop star who's been reduced to working the nostalgia circuit at county fairs and amusement parks. The charismatic and talented musician gets a chance at a comeback when reigning diva Cora Corman invites him to write and record a duet with her, but there's a problem; Alex hasn't written a song in years, he's never written lyrics, and he has to come up with a hit in a matter of days. Enter Sophie Fisher, Alex's beguilingly quirky plant lady, whose flair for words strikes a chord with the struggling songwriter. On the rebound from a bad relationship, Sophie is reluctant to collaborate with anyone, especially commitment phoebe Alex. As their chemistry heats up at the piano and under it, Alex and Sophie will have to face their fears, and the music, if they want to find the love and success they both deserve.

Rated PG-13 for some sexual content.

Catch and Release

The film follows Gray Wheeler while she confronts her grief over the death of her seemingly perfect fiancé. When Gray turns to her fiancés friends for emotional support, she discovers that there were a few things she didnt know about her late beau. She also starts to develop feelings for one of his friends, Fritz, a man she had previously dismissed as a perpetual failure.

Rated PG-13 for sexual content, language and some drug use.

Breaking and Entering

Professionally, things could not be better for Will, but personally he spends less and less time at home with his chronically depressed partner and their troubled 13 year old daughter. When his offices are repeatedly burgled, his investigations lead him to an apartment the teenaged thief shares with his mother; the woman with whom Will embarks on an unexpected journey of betrayal and passion.

Rated R for sexuality and language

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

A biopic about the life of photographer Diane Arbus, considered one of the most mysterious, enigmatic, and frighteningly bold artists of the 20th century. Most known for her obsession with freak subject matter, her haunting work emerged from a deeply private place. Arbus' death was as mysteriously tragic as was the aura surrounding some of her most piercing portraits.

Rated R for graphic nudity, some sexuality and language.

Ladies in Lavender

Based on a short story by William J. Locke, two spinster sisters, Ursula and Janet, live in an old house by the sea in 1930s Cornwall, England. Their pleasant but uneventful routine of beach walks, reading, sewing, and tea time is interrupted when Andreas, a handsome young Polish violinist washes ashore, barely alive. The girls nurse him back to health and for the never married Ursula it's a case of first love far too late in life. She helps him overcome the language barrier, only to possibly lose him to a younger woman, the gorgeous visiting artist who recognizes his musical talent and is in a situation to help him. It's a simple story, though a perfect showcase for the mastery of Dench and Smith, two of the greatest thespians of all time. The director, Charles Dance, is a major British actor himself, thus his grasp of the myriad subtleties of the art is spot on here in his directorial debut. Period detail is also of key importance, and cinematographer Peter Biziou captures the invitingly homey yet windswept otherness of the locale and time. Music is also a key component here, and the violin passages attributed to Andreas are stunningly emotional.

Moral Orel Vol. 1

Part of the Adult Swim network's attempt at producing cartoons for mature audiences. This first volume of episodes from the show centers around young Orel, a God fearing boy whose attempts to follow the Bible often end in disaster. Luckily Orel believes that God is guiding him even when he descends into drug addiction, giving him a morally skewed look at the world that is as refreshing as it is funny.


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