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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Rex, Hollywood's top grossing canine,
is known for his extreme athletic abilities and diva like demeanor.
His perks package, rivaling that of any A list celebrity, includes
Kobe beef, a poodle harem, and a diamond collar. Rex’s luck, and
Hollywood high life, runs out while shooting a commercial; an aerial
stunt goes awry, leading Rex’s handlers to presume he’s dead. But
Rex is merely lost, alone, filthy and unrecognizable in an unfamiliar
city. Chased by animal control, he takes refuge in grubby abandoned
lofts, a far cry from his former luxurious lifestyle. Shane Fahey, a
bright but rebellious 12 year old, has exasperated his father Connor
for the umpteenth time. A single parent and captain of the rundown
inner city fire station known as Dogpatch, Connor is charged with
inspiring the sad sack company: veteran and firehouse cook Joe Musto,
the super fit and strong willed mother hen Pepita “Pep” Clemente,
the exhausted family man Lionel Bradford, and the calendar worthy
rookie Terence Kahn. The team is still coping with the recent loss of
their former captain, Connor’s brother. Shane is also troubled by
his uncle’s death, and he’s been acting out by ditching school.
As Connor reprimands Shane for his unruly behavior, Dogpatch gets a
call to put out a blaze tearing through the lofts where Rex has been
hiding Trapped on the loft’s burning roof, Rex makes a death
defying leap and is rescued by Connor. Once they are safe on the
ground, Shane is tasked with finding the mutt’s owner.

Rated PG for sequences of action
peril, some mild crude humor and language.

Darwin Awards

Based on four best selling non
fiction books of over 700 Darwin Award cases. The Darwin Awards takes
a darkly comic view at the people who risk their lives pursuing a
crazy idea, only to end up improving the human race by removing
themselves from the gene pool and thus earning a "Darwin"
award. Winona Ryder stars as an insurance claims investigator, along
with Joseph Fiennes as a forensic detective, who team up to
investigate potential Darwin Award winners.

Rated R for language, violent images,
some sexuality and drug use.


Tom Reilly and his wife Sofia are in
for some major changes now that they have a newborn. As a lawyer,
Sofia has always provided a comfortable living while Tom has
contributed love, support and the occasional paycheck. When Sofia
decides to be a stay at home mom all that changes. Tom moves the
family to Ohio to work for his father in law. His boss, Chip, happens
to still carry a torch for Sofia from their high school days. Chip
will stop at nothing to see Tom defeated while no one but Tom can see
Chip for the evil genius he is. Through it all Tom’s esteem is
depleted, his manhood challenged, by a surprisingly large adversary,
and he’s watching his family slip away.

Rated PG-13 for sexual content, brief
language and a drug reference.

Hairspray [John Waters]

The 50 Cent Special Is........

You Can Go Home Again.

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